• IOAF2023 International Ocean Arts Festival

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    The ocean is a precious resource and the source of life on which humans depend. The ocean connects every corner of the world; it is not only our past and present but also our future. Be grateful to the ocean, care for it, and we must condemn all acts of malicious pollution to the ocean. For our future, for the future of the earth, let us together protect our ocean.
    IOAF2023 Electronic Award Certificates
    The IOAF International Ocean Art Festival has successfully concluded, and we sincerely thank all artists and designers for their trust and support. Currently, we have begun to gradually issue the electronic award certificates to exhibitors from all over the world via email, and we expect to complete the distribution to all winners by September 21, 2023. Thank you very much for your patience.
    During this challenging period, IOAF proposes to focus on the issues of coexistence between humans and nature, as well as between humans themselves. This art festival brings together various forms and styles of artwork, aiming to explore the relationship between life and the ocean, as well as their interdependence. As our home and an essential part of our existence, the ocean provides not only food and livelihood but also natural, cultural, and social resources that are irreplaceable. The artwork showcased in IOAF will delve into the connection between humans and nature, particularly the interdependence between life and the ocean. The ocean, as a cornerstone of human survival and development, represents the possibility of coexistence between nature and civilization. Against this backdrop, IOAF's artwork will lead us to reflect on the relationship between humans and between humans and nature, as well as our responsibilities and duties towards coexisting and prospering together. With this profound philosophical context, we look forward to the insights and reflections brought by the artwork, and the closer and more harmonious connection between humans and nature.
    Congratulations on the smooth implementation of IOAF2023. With the joint efforts of the organizing committee members, international curators, and international volunteers, the organizing committee has successfully received 586 excellent works, and after careful selection, the final list of winners is shown in the table below.

    Venue: 2023, Nampo-ro, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province (Obaekjanggun Gallery)

    Opening Ceremony Time: August 4, 2023, 2:00 PM


    Co-hosted by the Asian Association for Cultural and Scientific Exchange (AsianACS) and the International Association of Ocean Arts (IAOA) in South Korea, the 6th International Ocean Art Festival (IOAF2023) took place from August 2nd to 6th, 2023, at the Obaekjanggun Gallery within the Jeju Stone Culture Park. The festival's theme, "Life, Ocean, Symbiosis," resonated with the presence of esteemed guests, including Mr. Wang Luxin, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Jeju, Mr. Kim Ho Sung, Governor of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and Mr. Kim Tae Gwan, Director of the Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Cultural and Arts Promotion Office. Their participation added grandeur to the opening ceremony and added significance to the event.

    The IOAF International Ocean Art Festival is an international charitable art project co-curated by international curators, including Mr. Hu Jijun (China), Mr. Boo Jong Chul (South Korea), Dr. Xian Yan (China), Mr. Julian Moise (Austria), Dr. Alexandru Cristian BUNII (Romania), Mr. Angelo Zzaven (Italy), Mr. Naufan Noordyanto (Indonesia), and Ms. Bu Yun Ja (South Korea). With the selfless dedication of IOAF international youth volunteers, the festival has successfully held six editions.

    For IOAF2023, over 200 selected and award-winning artworks from 29 countries are on display. The exhibited works encompass a diverse range of artistic forms, including oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, watercolors, sculptures, mixed media, illustrations, photography, posters, jewelry design, calligraphy, and more.


    Dr. Arturo Revilla, a British artist and architect, was invited to hold a personal work exhibition. His unique circular design showcases the philosophical concept of symbiosis of all things and has received widespread attention and praise.

  • Artists shortlisted for IOAF2023 Exhibition

    The list of winners

    IOAF2023 International Mordern Art Exhibition Conch Award

    No.PrizeFull NameCountry & RegionNo.PrizeFull NameCountry & Region
    1Gold Conch AwardSandra SilberzweigCanada35Merit AwardLin JiahaoChina
    2Gold Conch AwardJae-Man, KohSouth Korea36Merit AwardMa FangshuChina
    3Silver Conch AwardHangchen DuanChina37Merit AwardRong YiChina
    4Silver Conch AwardDominik JakubowskiPoland38Merit AwardXin ZhouChina
    5Silver Conch AwardJung-Hoon, MokSouth Korea39Merit AwardZhang ShihaoChina
    6Silver Conch AwardWon-Suk, YangSouth Korea40Merit AwardZhou BinzhuoChina
    7Bronze Conch AwardJiang QingyingChina41Merit AwardZhou XiaChina
    8Bronze Conch AwardRendy Pandita BastariIndonesia42Merit AwardZiyu WangChina
    9Bronze Conch AwardAngelo ZzavenItaly43Merit AwardSonia CiafardiniFrance
    10Bronze Conch AwardSzucs EnikoRomania44Merit AwardFarid Kurniawan NzIndonesia
    11Bronze Conch AwardTatiana LitovaRussia45Merit AwardMohamad Jaka PrawiraIndonesia
    12Bronze Conch AwardMária HanušovskáSlovensko46Merit AwardSigit PurnomoIndonesia
    13Bronze Conch AwardChang-Bum, ParkSouth Korea47Merit AwardAndrea BusiItaly
    14Bronze Conch AwardGye-Sil, YangSouth Korea48Merit AwardAndrea SchiavinatoItaly
    15Bronze Conch AwardHae-Sook, KimSouth Korea49Merit AwardFrancesco MarchicaItaly
    16Bronze Conch AwardJi-Hwan, KimSouth Korea50Merit AwardGiovanni PaoliniItaly
    17Bronze Conch AwardTekin GürekenTurkey51Merit AwardLinda De LucaItaly
    18Special AwardLamChina52Merit AwardNella TarantinoItaly
    19Special AwardWen ErminChina53Merit AwardPietrino Di SebastianoItaly
    20Special AwardZhangChiChina54Merit AwardDana CatonaRomania
    21Special AwardSangid Zaini GaniIndonesia55Merit AwardLuisa PaladeRomania
    22Special AwardFarzaneh KhoshkhooIran56Merit AwardNani CorinaRomania
    23Special AwardAlberta DionisiItaly57Merit AwardOctavian SimionRomania
    24Special AwardDo-Yeon, ParkSouth Korea58Merit AwardSmaranda MoldovanRomania
    25Special AwardMi-Sun, ChoiSouth Korea59Merit AwardValentina StefanescuRomania
    26Special AwardSoon-Yeong, BooSouth Korea60Merit AwardSeung-Eik, OhSouth Korea
    27Special AwardEdgü ÖzdemirTurkey61Merit AwardSu-Jin, LeeSouth Korea
    28Merit AwardBransha GautierAustria62Merit AwardYea-Hyun, KoSouth Korea
    29Merit AwardChristina SalamonAustria63Merit AwardEmily ShihTaiwan,China
    30Merit AwardChen MingdaChina64Merit AwardKaranyos KaopraiThailand
    31Merit AwardChen XueyinChina65Merit AwardSevgi ARITurkey
    32Merit AwardDavid ZhengChina66Merit AwardOlena VertsanovaUkraine
    33Merit AwardHe JianChina67Merit AwardMahima GuptaUSA
    34Merit AwardLi ZihaoChina    


    IOAF2023 International Pioneer Design Exhibition Conch Award


    No.PrizeFull NameCountry/RegionNo.PrizeFull NameCountry/Region
    1Gold Conch AwardXian LiyunChina25Special AwardZhenyu LiChina
    2Silver Conch AwardXiang TianpingChina26Special AwardKata KáldorHungary
    3Silver Conch AwardHossein  AbdiIran27Special AwardLajos NagyHungary
    4Silver Conch AwardSevgi ARITurkey28Special AwardAjay AhdiyatIndonesia
    5Bronze Conch AwardLiu KeChina29Special AwardEston Kamelang MauletiIndonesia
    6Bronze Conch AwardSha FengChina30Special AwardLaila Fathonah FauziyahIndonesia
    7Bronze Conch AwardWei LiuChina31Special AwardAli DelzendehrooyIran
    8Bronze Conch AwardXu KaiChina32Special AwardJuan CardóN RamíRezMexico
    9Bronze Conch AwardZhang PeiyuanChina33Special AwardLuis Antonio Rivera RodriguezMexico
    10Bronze Conch AwardWojciech OsuchowskiCzech Republic34Special AwardPawel PacholecPoland
    11Bronze Conch AwardYaser Ghader & Sheyda FallahiIran35Special AwardBunii Alexandru-CristianRomania
    12Bronze Conch AwardByoungil SunSouth Korea36Special AwardMi-Jung LeeSouth Korea
    13Bronze Conch AwardLi Chen LungTaiwan,China37Special AwardGökhan KoçTurkey
    14Bronze Conch AwardAbdelmonem AminUSA38Special Awardİbrahim YılmazTurkey
    15Special AwardGang ZhaoChina39Special AwardTekinalp GürekenTurkey
    16Special AwardHan WeiChina40Merit AwardCarolina SerenelliArgentina
    17Special AwardJianfei LuChina41Merit AwardVitaly BondarBelarus
    18Special AwardPeng SunChina42Merit AwardQi YaxuanChina
    19Special AwardShuqing WuChina43Merit AwardRazni Yukti AndiyaniIndonesia
    20Special AwardWang RuifengChina44Merit AwardZidan Al-khaidarIndonesia
    21Special AwardWenjie HuoChina45Merit AwardBianca MicRomania
    22Special AwardXinghua ZhouChina46Merit AwardRiemschneider Eugenia ElenaRomania
    23Special AwardYi ZhangChina47Merit AwardRefik YalurTurkey
    24Special AwardZhengbo JiaChina    


    IOAF2023 International College Students Starfish Award

    No.PrizeFull NameCountry/RegionNo.PrizeFull NameCountry/Region
    1Gold Starfish AwardXinyu LiuChina37Special AwardZhou ShuoxinChina
    2Silver Starfish AwardLi ShuweiChina38Special AwardAriesta Shekinah PrihantoIndonesia
    3Silver Starfish AwardTirla Florina-GeorgianaRomania39Special AwardBagus Insanu RokhmanIndonesia
    4Bronze Starfish AwardGuiyun ZengAustralia40Special AwardEmily Joyce Indonesia
    5Bronze Starfish AwardHuang PanBritain41Special AwardBian KaJapan
    6Bronze Starfish AwardHongChen China42Special AwardMaria CosteaRomania
    7Bronze Starfish AwardHuang XinyiChina43Special AwardNagy Raluca SorinaRomania
    8Bronze Starfish AwardRan LiuChina44Special AwardNita Raul GeorgeRomania
    9Bronze Starfish AwardShiying WangChina45Special AwardPentea Sebastian RobertRomania
    10Bronze Starfish AwardWu XijieChina46Special AwardYongfeng LiuSouth Korea
    11Bronze Starfish AwardFarhan Aulia IqbalIndonesia47Special AwardMai Thao My Vietnam
    12Bronze Starfish AwardMutiara NurlaeliIndonesia48Merit AwardFeng YafangChina
    13Bronze Starfish AwardBolorjin Gongor Mongolia49Merit AwardChen LinyiChina
    14Bronze Starfish AwardTeodora MarisescuRomania50Merit AwardLiu YiqingChina
    15Bronze Starfish AwardGuangtao SongSouth Korea51Merit AwardPei XiaofeiChina
    16Bronze Starfish AwardNarin YumanThailand52Merit AwardPeng YutianChina
    17Bronze Starfish AwardNguyen Huyen MyVietnam53Merit AwardSong YumengChina
    18Bronze Starfish AwardKang YiyangChina54Merit AwardXIAXINChina
    19Special AwardLiu ShuSouth Korea55Merit Awardxuqing WuChina
    20Special AwardLu ZhiyiBritain56Merit AwardYan HuijiaoChina
    21Special AwardCai WenhuChina57Merit AwardYangHuaXuChina
    22Special AwardFeng JialongChina58Merit AwardZhang BuxiChina
    23Special AwardFENG XICHENChina59Merit AwardZheng YulongChina
    24Special AwardGu YuningChina60Merit AwardZhong ChunningChina
    25Special AwardJingyi XuChina61Merit AwardZhu XingruChina
    26Special AwardPeng LingChina62Merit AwardZhu YaqiChina
    27Special AwardWang YanChina63Merit AwardAthi Nur Auliati RahmahIndonesia
    28Special AwardWU DAYUChina64Merit AwardGeral Dwi CahyoIndonesia
    29Special AwardXiao ChangChina65Merit AwardInthapadtha ChenchilaLaos
    30Special AwardXU HANGChina66Merit AwardChiran Mona-NicolaRomania
    31Special AwardYang ChenChina67Merit AwardVelea Simona AdrianaRomania
    32Special AwardYANG JILONGChina68Merit AwardLe MeishaSouth Korea
    33Special AwardYifan WenChina69Merit AwardShi MingxiSouth Korea
    34Special AwardYiheng LiuChina70Merit AwardNgo Thi Bao NgocVietnam
    35Special AwardYixin HuangChina71Merit AwardNguyen Thi Minh Anh Vietnam
    36Special AwardZhai YujiaChina    


    IOAF2023 International Young Artists Exhibition Starfish Award

    No.PrizeFull NameCountry/RegionNo.PrizeFull NameCountry/Region
    1Gold Starfish AwardFeyza Betül GörmezoğluTurkey44Special AwardPatnarin ChoomwattanaThailand
    2Silver Starfish AwardHu YiningChina45Special AwardPiyachart AongthongThailand
    3Silver Starfish AwardJiratchaya NiyomThailand46Special AwardPluemkamon ThongkhamThailand
    4Silver Starfish AwardNuttheera UngsakulThailand47Special AwardSirisak BoonphaThailand
    5Silver Starfish AwardPattalapol PhonlaketThailand48Special AwardTeachathat KlakerdpolThailand
    6Silver Starfish AwardZeynep Melek ÖzkayaTurkey49Special AwardThananda ChunrochananonThailand
    7Bronze Starfish AwardRui ZhuChina50Special AwardThita ArundeeThailand
    8Bronze Starfish AwardXu Yeuk Hei Hong Kong,China51Special AwardWathanakorn ThummapasatThailand
    9Bronze Starfish AwardAlexia PisoiuRomania52Merit AwardLiukong luyuChina
    10Bronze Starfish AwardSzucs PetraRomania53Merit AwardShanghai Zhongshan KindergartenChina
    11Bronze Starfish AwardLin Mu XinTaiwan,China54Merit AwardSky Dwight Carstensz Andariska Indonesia
    12Bronze Starfish AwardAsiara ArdwatheeThailand55Merit AwardKankanit Senavinin Thailand
    13Bronze Starfish AwardKorrawick KotchasarnThailand56Merit AwardAphinporn NantasuwanThailand
    14Bronze Starfish AwardKotchanipha PraphutthikunThailand57Merit AwardChanatkan LeelakhachonkiatThailand
    15Bronze Starfish AwardMiss Nuttanicha CharoenlapThailand58Merit AwardCHATCHAYANICH WORABUTThailand
    16Bronze Starfish AwardNanub NgamboonanantThailand59Merit AwardKanhatai SrisawanThailand
    17Bronze Starfish AwardNattakan PanyasaiThailand60Merit AwardLalil SinarojThailand
    18Bronze Starfish AwardNubnueng NgamboonanantThailand61Merit AwardMiss Chichamon PoosakulpitakThailand
    19Bronze Starfish AwardRakrada Thammapimuk Thailand62Merit AwardMiss Phutthiporn ThanakanjanasiriThailand
    20Bronze Starfish AwardSirithan PanyaprasertThailand63Merit AwardMorinda limiamThailand
    21Bronze Starfish AwardAlara Özdemir Turkey64Merit AwardNonnawat PoosakulpitakThailand
    22Bronze Starfish AwardAsya YıldızTurkey65Merit AwardRachata WisertsriThailand
    23Bronze Starfish AwardAzra Karakaya Turkey66Merit AwardNapasorn ChitphanthanakornThailand
    24Bronze Starfish AwardEmily YueUSA67Merit AwardNishakamol PongjaroensirikulThailand
    25Special AwardDing YiranChina68Merit AwardPassawin SiripithakulThailand
    26Special AwardFeng XinyuChina69Merit AwardPatcharapong ChaimathThailand
    27Special AwardShurui LiuChina70Merit AwardPatcharasaya ChuchartpongThailand
    28Special AwardZhixian AnChina71Merit AwardPatcharasorn SaengkongThailand
    29Special AwardLuo YuzhengChina72Merit AwardPenpisuth SabsombatThailand
    30Special AwardEverlyn Bellvania ChristabelIndoi73Merit AwardPimyada FangchaiyaphumThailand
    31Special AwardHaraga Ruxandra-MariaRomania74Merit AwardPran ArayajitipongThailand
    32Special AwardSofia SîrbuRomania75Merit AwardPrung ArayajitipongThailand
    33Special AwardLien You JunTaiwan,China76Merit AwardSuppawit KulpiyawatThailand
    34Special AwardChatchaya KajonrungsilpThailand77Merit AwardThamonphat SaeiamThailand
    35Special AwardChatsuda PoochanyapornThailand78Merit AwardTitapa ArdwatheeThailand
    36Special AwardCHAYANUSPAT TACHAPIRUNPANThailand79Merit AwardTunradee PungsujaritThailand
    37Special AwardGrant Matthew InesThailand80Merit AwardAlya AltunTurkey
    38Special AwardKiattisak chaipuriThailand81Merit AwardDilan Meyra AslanTurkey
    39Special AwardKorndanai PraphutthikunThailand82Merit AwardEge ErdemTurkey
    40Special AwardKrittamet Chamchue Thailand83Merit AwardElif Deren GürTurkey
    41Special AwardChonlda SannkonThailand84Merit AwardEmir GürelTurkey
    42Special AwardSirikorn RattanaoornsompongThailand85Merit AwardNehir Beyza SarıgülTurkey
    43Special AwardSittiporn JitngamkamThailand