• About AsianACS

    • Asian Federation of Arts Culture and Sciences(AsianACS) is the non-profit social organization in membership system established with governmental permission. AsianACS grew out of “Culture and Design Development Research Studio”. Originated from October, 2012, it was an organization group constituted by several famous artists and designers in Asia jointly to develop international exchange activities relaed to culture, art and science. In the process of globalization, AsianACS explores the art, culture and science exchange and cooperation projects throughout the world centered in Asia.
    • AsianACS is the social elite group with global vision, internationalization, innovation, perceptiveness and academic performance. The purpose of AsianACS is to provide its members with global culture in Asia, art and science hot spot information, help its members to interconnect with global social contact projects, thus giving support and service for the individual global development of the members. It is a vital high-level talent group of constructing the creative and tolerant value, positive and aggressive creation assistance concept, contributing the action capability of human society.

    • AsianACS members are cultural scholars, artists, designers and youths and so on from Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other countries throughout the world.

    • The activities carried out involve: international famous cultural scholars, artists, designers, science researchers launch world lecturing, academic forum, international exhibition, industry cooperation, skill certification, journal publish, youth talents subsidizing, innovative project subsidizing, middle and small-sized enterprises incubation, future talents cultivation of the children and other activities, so as to promote the prosperous development of culture and art theory, art designing creation, culture creativity derivation, digital media, artificial intelligence, innovative technology development and other industries.

    • Since AsianACS started to operate in 2012, relying on strong culture and art countries in Asia-China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other Asian countries, it confronts various countries throughout the world to give rise to the concentrations of the whole world to culture, art, science, environment, social and other problems through communications in culture, art and science fields.

    • AsianACS provides one-stop consultancy and service for you to participate in international professional activities. Please attend in Global Development and Promotion Plan as soon as possible!