• IOAF2022 International Ocean Arts Festival

    Theme: Life + Ocean + Peace

    The 63rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly designated June 8th as World Oceans Day. Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, pointed out in this address that human activities are taking a heavy toll on the ocean world. From the perspective of development in the world history, human beings have communicated and interacted with each other through ocean and river navigation. From the rivers and oceans in ancient Egypt and the Greeks in the Mediterranean, to the continents and islands of the East and the establishment of the Maritime Silk Road, oceans have constituted a path towards the modern world connecting it as a whole.


    Against the backdrop of natural disasters, viruses and war, IOAF repositions the global issue of “peace” asderived from the ocean. This cradle of life, connects each continent and various major civilizations while “peace”, the highest ideal of mankind, lays a critical foundation for the sustainable development of human life.


    Themed on “Life + Ocean + Peace”, IOAF2022 welcomes artists and designers across the world to create for “Life + Ocean + Peace” via the medium of ocean, to link the world and to call for and rethink the importance and origins of peace.



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  • Artists shortlisted for IOAF2022 Exhibition

    The list of winners

    IOAF2022 International Mordern Art Exhibition Conch Award

    1Silver Conch AwardEun-Cheol, JangSouth Korea24Merit AwardDora LaboraU.S.A
    2Silver Conch AwardMária HanušovskáSlovensko25Merit AwardGianni MazzesiItaly
    3Silver Conch AwardSandra SilberzweigCanada26Merit AwardGiovanni PaoliniItaly
    4Bronze Conch AwardAngelo ZzavenItaly27Merit AwardGye-Sil, YangSouth Korea
    5Bronze Conch AwardEdgü ÖzdemirTurkey28Merit AwardIosif MihailoRomania
    6Bronze Conch AwardJi-Hye, ParkSouth Korea29Merit AwardJae-Man, KohSouth Korea
    7Bronze Conch AwardValentina StefanescuRomania30Merit AwardJi-Hwan, KimSouth Korea
    8Special AwardAriel RamadhanIndonesia31Merit AwardJung-Hoon, MokSouth Korea
    9Special AwardCiafardini SiniaFrance32Merit AwardKye-Na, LeeSouth Korea
    10Special AwardDana CatonaRomânia33Merit AwardLuisa Palade Romania
    11Special AwardHan-Jong, ParkSouth Korea34Merit AwardLyn-Jun, ParkSouth Korea
    12Special AwardTatiana LitovaRussia35Merit AwardMarjanSlovenija
    13Special AwardYang Zhenchina36Merit AwardOctavian SimionRomania
    14Merit AwardAlberta DionisiItaly37Merit AwardSeo-Yeon, BooSouth Korea
    15Merit AwardAlberto CastroItaly38Merit AwardSeung-Eik, OhSouth Korea
    16Merit AwardAldiah RahmanidaIndonesia39Merit AwardSu-Jin, LeeSouth Korea
    17Merit AwardAlvianto IrfandiIndonesia40Merit AwardTrion Rancu SilviaRomania
    18Merit AwardAnna Maria Colace Italy41Merit AwardViviana Karina Kurelak Argentina
    19Merit AwardAude LafitteFrance42Merit AwardWojciech Osuchowski Poland
    20Merit AwardChang-Bum, ParkSouth Korea43Merit AwardWon-Suk, YangSouth Korea
    21Merit AwardChun-Sim, MoonSouth Korea44Merit AwardYea-Hyun, KoSouth Korea
    22Merit AwardCorina NaniRomania45Merit AwardYun-Ja, BuSouth Korea
    23Merit AwardDimas Andhika PutraIndonesia    


    IOAF2022 International Pioneer Design Exhibition Conch Award

    1Golden Conch AwardHossein AbdiIran26Merit AwardLajos NagyHungary
    2Silver Conch AwardWenwen Qian China Merit AwardLewei WuChina
    3Silver Conch AwardLuis Antonio Rivera RodriguezMexico27Merit AwardLin Hung ChangTaiwan,China
    4Bronze Conch AwardWei HanChina Merit AwardLuis Miguel Munilla GamoSpain
    5Bronze Conch AwardAlexandru BuniiRomania28Merit AwardMaulana Ahadi ArifinIndonesia
    6Bronze Conch AwardIbrahim YilmazTurkey Merit AwardMingchi ChanTaiwan,China
    7Special AwardHuang JunChina29Merit AwardO. Oktay BarkinTurkey
    8Special AwardJianfei LuChina Merit AwardPalupi ArumIndonesia
    9Special AwardSiyang ChenChina30Merit AwardPeng SunChina
    10Special AwardSiyang ChenChina Merit AwardPing MiaoChina
    11Special AwardZhongYang LiChina31Merit AwardQianyi DuanChina
    12Special AwardArdi ChandraIndonesia Merit AwardRefik YalurTurkey
    13Special AwardRashid RahnamaIran32Merit AwardRosyada NSIndonesia
    14Special AwardYaser Ghader & Sheyda FallahiIran Merit AwardRuifeng HongChina
    15Special AwardErsan SarikahyaTurkey33Merit AwardRushan YanChina
    16Merit AwardBei YangChina Merit AwardSerenelli CarolinaArgentina
    17Merit AwardChunLung LiTaiwan,China34Merit AwardShengwei LinTaiwan,China
    18Merit AwardClaudyia Agnes MeldaIndonesia Merit AwardSri Sukma Nur FalahIndonesia
    19Merit AwardDiana AndreescuRomania35Merit AwardSyaima PrilliunoIndonesia
    20Merit AwardEmine YalurTurkey Merit AwardVitaly BondarBelarus
    21Merit AwardEnci ChenChina36Merit AwardWenlong ZhangChina
    22Merit AwardEniko SzucsRomania Merit AwardXiaoming ZhangChina
    23Merit Awardgede agus suyasaIndonesia37Merit AwardYang ChenChina
    24Merit AwardHuiling Wangchina Merit AwardZhouhai WangChina
    25Merit AwardLaila Fathonah FauziyahIndonesia    


    IOAF2022 International College Students Starfish Award

    1Silver Starfish AwardAqila RamadhaniIndonesia21Merit AwardNguyen Ngoc MaiVietnam
    2Bronze Starfish AwardDima Noor VirgianiIndonesia22Merit AwardNguyen Thi Minh QuiVietnam
    3Bronze Starfish AwardFocsa Noemi - AlexandraRomania23Merit AwardOana TunsoiuRomania
    4Bronze Starfish AwardJinan HuangChina24Merit AwardOtilia Georgiana SfetcuRomanian
    5Bronze Starfish AwardKeying ZhuChina25Merit AwardPupu ZhaoChina
    6Merit AwardAditya TriyadiIndonesia26Merit AwardRuting WangChina
    7Merit AwardAvika RahmazafiraIndonesia27Merit AwardShihan ChenTaiwan,China
    8Merit AwardCostea MariaRomania28Merit AwardSri Sukma Nur FalahIndonesia
    9Merit AwardDandan YangChina29Merit AwardTeodora MarisescuRomania
    10Merit AwardDiaz Pratama SetiawanIndonesia30Merit AwardWenqi MaChina
    11Merit AwardFani Amalia FebrianiIndonesia31Merit AwardXiaoping YuChina
    12Merit AwardIlham NabawiIndonesia32Merit AwardXingquan ShenChina
    13Merit AwardIsabella Beatrice MadaraszRomania33Merit AwardYan LiChina
    14Merit AwardJieyu GuoTaiwan34Merit AwardYanyan Su China
    15Merit AwardMao Jing MengChina35Special AwardBagus Insanu RokhmanIndonesia
    16Merit AwardMic BiancaRomania36Special AwardHongyan WangChina
    17Merit AwardMin ChenChina37Special AwardHongyan YuChina
    18Merit AwardMutiara NurlaeliIndonesia38Special AwardHuang LanqianChina
    19Merit AwardNagy Raluca-Sorina Romania39Special AwardȚecu Maria AlexandraRomania
    20Merit AwardNamaah Andrada TămășanuRomania40Special AwardZhenyu LiChina


    IOAF2022 International Young Artists Exhibition Award

    1Golden Starfish AwardNehirBeyza SarıgülTurkey48Merit AwardLipda SavashveshThailand
    2Silver Starfish AwardAlya AltunTurkey49Merit AwardLuo XinyuTaiwan, China
    3Silver Starfish AwardSukritpong MekatornThailand50Merit AwardM.hairul arkanail islamIndonesia
    4Silver Starfish AwardThanasuda  SriaroonThailand51Merit AwardMaya BatuTurkey
    5Bronze Starfish AwardAhmet Kerem GökgözTurkey52Merit AwardMiya Murase U.S.A
    6Bronze Starfish AwardAlara Özdemir Turkey53Merit AwardMr. Sarunyapong TangwitdechaThailand
    7Bronze Starfish AwardFiona TrefilovU.S.A54Merit Awardnaruedee koranurukThailand
    8Bronze Starfish AwardPetra SzucsRomania55Merit AwardNatthapohn senthongThailand
    9Bronze Starfish AwardRuthie ZhongU.S.A56Merit AwardNehir Beyza SarıgülTurkey
    10Special AwardEmir GürelTurkey57Merit AwardNichapa jirawanitjareonThailand
    11Special AwardKalinda Zahira Hakim Indonesia58Merit AwardNiță Raul GeorgeRomânia
    12Special AwardKerem AltunTurkey59Merit AwardNutrada lorsirinuntThailand
    13Special AwardRui ZhuChina60Merit AwardOngsa sawadwedThailand
    14Special AwardSirikoolwadee PrasertwitThaiand61Merit AwardPakorn pratanthipThailand
    15Special AwardWang Yu HanTaiwan, China62Merit AwardPandira Putwatana Thailand
    16Special AwardYu Jia SinTaiwan, China63Merit AwardPanisara AriyakulThailand
    17Special AwardZiyue GuChina64Merit Awardpatcharathorn yoddamnurnThailand
    18Merit AwardAlongkorn KongphetrThailand65Merit AwardPattheera Tirasuwanwasi Thailand
    19Merit AwardAmanah Alifia FebriyantiIndonesia66Merit AwardPhasskorn TharnakitchotihiranThailand
    20Merit AwardAnatta PanpipatThailand67Merit AwardPhumipat MongkoltrilukThailand
    21Merit AwardAsya YıldızTurkey68Merit AwardPimphadar WongvesThailand
    22Merit AwardAthiwat PohfaThailand69Merit AwardPisoiu AlexiaRomania
    23Merit AwardAyşe Nisa AltunTurkey70Merit AwardPluemkamon thongkhamThailand
    24Merit AwardBellita WichainlertThailand71Merit AwardProundput HemsathapatThailand
    25Merit AwardChanakarn SiriratThailand72Merit AwardRomrach WowweawThailand
    26Merit AwardChanittha  SiriratThailand73Merit AwardSabih ÇağlayanTurkey
    27Merit AwardCharlotte ZhuU.S.A74Merit AwardSarinya NilplengsangThailand
    28Merit AwardChen Li YingTaiwan, China75Merit AwardSirapat sukantachantThailand
    29Merit AwardChen Qiao EnTaiwan, China76Merit AwardSky Dwight Carstenz Andariska Indonesia
    30Merit AwardChen Si-XuanTaiwan, China77Merit AwardSofia SîrbuRomania
    31Merit AwardChokphisit CharoonlakThailand78Merit AwardSong JinzhaoChina
    32Merit AwardDai SirikulshayanontThailand79Merit AwardSun FanqianChina
    33Merit AwardDai zeyuChina80Merit AwardSupicha Jirawanitjaroen Thailand
    34Merit AwardEce SolTurkey81Merit AwardTanawat BuamaneeThailand
    35Merit AwardElif Deren GürTurkey82Merit AwardTeetouch pettalehThailand
    36Merit AwardEverlyn Bellvania ChristabelIndonesia83Merit AwardThanaphat TangkitwanitchakunThailand
    37Merit AwardFeyza GökgözTurkey84Merit AwardThanapon BooonkoiThailand
    38Merit AwardHaraga Cosmina Beatrice România85Merit AwardThanat likitrungreung Thailand
    39Merit AwardItsara ChimanukulThailand86Merit AwardThanisorn KhongkhaiThailand
    40Merit AwardJain AiTaiwan, China87Merit AwardThitiwat Henkern Thailand
    41Merit AwardJiroos tirakaroonkarnThailand88Merit AwardYang,Yu-ChiaoTaiwan, China
    42Merit Awardkannatcha watcharaudompanyaThailand89Merit AwardYu Jia SinTaiwan, China
    43Merit AwardKanok HongsaThailand90Merit AwardZeynep Melek ÖzkayaTurkey
    44Merit AwardKawinlada  suttiweerawatThailand91Merit AwardืNatnicha taepuchalearnThailand
    45Merit AwardKittidej LeckngenchaiThailand92Merit Award許桓瑜 Xu Huan YuTaiwan, China
    46Merit AwardKongfahThailand93Merit Award黃薪晏 Huang XinYanTaiwan, China
    47Merit AwardKulnada chalearmkuldechaThailand    


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