• IOAF2020 International Ocean Art Festival

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    Although 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water, history is usually narrated with land as the center.
    The famous American marine historian Lincoln Paine looked at the past through the ocean, turning his perspective from land to water. From the perspective of world history, people communicate and interact through oceans, rivers and lakes, as well as exchange and spread commodities,products and culture. From the rivers and oceans of ancient Egypt, the Greeks and the Mediterranean, to the continents and islands of the East, the establishment of the Maritime Silk Road, etc., these have all proved that the ocean constitutes a path to the modern world, and the ocean connects the world into One.
    Civilization is the precipitation of history. It is beneficial to enhance mankind's adaptation and cognition of the objective world and conforms to human spiritual pursuit. It is the sum of the humanistic spirit, inventions, and public order and good customs that can be recognized and accepted by most people. Culture includes the sum of wealth created by human beings, and specifically refers to spiritual wealth, such as literature, art, education, and science. Civilization covers the relationship between man and man, man and society, and man and nature.


    The theme of 2020IOAF is named: life, ocean, culture.The purpose of the theme is to call on people to look back on history, pay attention to the nourishment that the ocean has brought to mankind in the past millions of years, and treat the cultures formed in all basins on an equal footing, and to jointly create something conducive to human survival and development ecosystem. Especially in the special period of 2020, mankind will fight for the common problem of survival. At this moment, we need to respect cultural diversity, discover and appreciate the beauty of other cultures on the basis of cognition of our own culture, so as to appreciate, praise and blend with each other. People of different cultures must form a consensus of learning and helping each other, and jointly meet the opportunities and challenges of mankind in the future.


    IOAF2020 international co-curator team: Xian yan (China), Boo Jong Chul (South Korea), Julian Moise (Austria), Alexandru-Cristian BUNII (Romania), Angelo Zzaven (Italy).



    Some artists participating in IOAF2020

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    Scholars Message

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    Message from the IOAF curatorial team

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  • Congratulate!
    List of winners for artists and designers:

    IOAF International Pioneer Design Exhibition
    Conch Award
    PrizeFull NameCountry
    Silver Conch AwardXiang TianpingChina
    Silver Conch AwardSebastian Aravena OrtizChina
    Silver Conch AwardYang yong China
    Silver Conch AwardXu KaiChina
    Silver Conch AwardHisateru KamiyamaJapan
    Bronze  Conch  AwardLiu QinqiChina
    Bronze  Conch  AwardOktay BarkinTurkey
    Bronze  Conch  AwardWei KunChina
    Bronze  Conch  AwardZhang YongChina
    Bronze  Conch  AwardJavier G BorbollaCuba
    Bronze  Conch  AwardNaufan NoordyantoIndonesia
    Bronze  Conch  AwardSebastian Aravena OrtizChile
    Bronze  Conch  AwardFan CaoChina
    Special  Award Zhu WeijiaChina
    Special  Award Li XinChina
    Special  Award Naufan NoordyantoIndonesia
    Special  Award Jiajia ZhaoChina
    Special  Award Li  Chun LungChina-Taiwan
    Special  Award Haoyawei China
    Special  Award Ben LiuChina

    IOAF International Mordern Art Exhibition
    Conch Award

    PrizeFull NameCountry
    Gold  Conch  AwardAlexandru BUNIIRomania
    Gold  Conch  AwardWon-Suk, YangSouth Korea
    Silver  Conch  AawardMária HanušovskáSlovakia
    Silver  Conch  AawardStefania De NataleItalia
    Silver  Conch  AawardEdgü Özdemir Turkey
    Silver  Conch  AawardSandra SilberzweigCanada
    Silver  Conch  AawardAngelo ZzavenItalia
    Silver  Conch  AawardLiu YiChina
    Silver  Conch  AawardJuju WangU.S.A
    Silver  Conch  AawardAngela KemperThe Netherlands
    Silver  Conch  AawardMarjan KrošlSlovenija, EU
    Silver  Conch  AawardBarbarah SteelSpain
    Silver  Conch  AawardCBA Yukifumi Shibasaki Japan
    Silver  Conch  AawardChang-Bae, MoonSouth Korea
    Silver  Conch  AawardJi-Hwan, KimSouth Korea
    Bronze  Conch  AwardIosif MihailoRomania
    Bronze  Conch  AwardAttilio ScimoneItalia
    Bronze  Conch  AwardSonia CiafardiniFrance
    Bronze  Conch  AwardMario ValentiItalia
    Bronze  Conch  AwardAlberto CastroITALY
    Bronze  Conch  AwardImke LohmannGermany
    Bronze  Conch  AwardOlena VertsanovaUkraine
    Bronze  Conch  AwardQuan jijunChina
    Bronze  Conch  AwardGiovanni PaoliniItaly
    Bronze  Conch  AwardHector CoughanourMexico
    Bronze  Conch  AwardKlemenco SofiaRomânia
    Bronze  Conch  AwardLiu TongliangChina
    Bronze  Conch  AwardOktay BarkinTurkey
    Bronze  Conch  AwardCorina NaniRomania
    Special Award Salvatore CalìSlovenia
    Special Award Renato IuratoItalia
    Special Award Maria Giulia BerardiItaly
    Special Award Valentina StefanescuRomania
    Special Award Michele Di DonatoItalia
    Special Award Trion Râncu SilviaRomania
    Special Award Sebastiano_FavittaItalia
    Special Award Gianni MazzesiItaly
    Special Award Anna Maria ColaceItalia
    Special Award Giuseppe La MalfaItalia
    Special Award Edgü Özdemir Turkey
    Special Award Adriano CascioItaly
    Special Award Riemschneider Eugenia ElenaRomania
    Special Award Li JianhuaSouth Korea
    Special Award Maria GiulescuRomania
    Special Award Daphne SchnitzerIsrael
    Special Award Victor GinzburgU.S.A
    Special Award Aline ROBINAusitria
    Special Award Octavian SimionRomania
    Special Award Sandra FockenbergerAustria
    Special Award Ria Qorina LubisIndonesia
    Special Award Yea-Hyun, KoSouth Korea
    Special Award Jae-Man, KonSouth Korea
    Special Award Jung-Hoon, MokSouth Korea
    Special Award Chun-Sim, MoonSouth Korea
    Special Award Chang-Bum, ParkSouth Korea
    Special Award Han-Jong, ParkSouth Korea
    Special Award Yun-Ja, BuSouth Korea
    Special Award Seung-Eik, OhSouth Korea
    Special Award Su-Jin, LeeSouth Korea
    Special Award Suk-Kyoung, LeeSouth Korea
    Special Award Yeon-Jung, LeeSouth Korea
    Special Award Eun-Cheol, JangSouth Korea
    Special Award Sun-Hee, PyoSouth Korea
    Special Award Chang-Hun, YooSouth Korea

    List of winners for young people and kids:

    IOAF International Students Art and Design Exhibition
    Starfish Award
    PrizeFull NameCountry
    Silver Starfish AwardSpîrlea Cristian-GabrielRomania
    Silver Starfish AwardJulia-Melinda TothRomania
    Bronze Starfish AwardMuhammad JanuarIndonesia
    Bronze Starfish AwardAthi' Nur Auliati RahmahIndonesia
    Bronze Starfish AwardSheng HongyanSouth Korea
    Bronze Starfish AwardChen TianyuChina
    Bronze Starfish AwardLaza Flavius CorneliusRomania
    Bronze Starfish AwardCotofana Raul-AlexandruRomania
    Special Award Siddhanta KapaliNepal
    Special Award Lee-YiJinChina-Taiwan
    Special Award Lujing HuangChina
    Special Award Ma LiSouth Korea
    Special Award qinchenqiuchina
    Special Award Chiriac Bianca IoanaRomania
    Special Award Moga Maria Romania
    Special Award Tomescu Livia MariaRomania
    Special Award Maria Iulia BarbuRomania
    Special Award Leasă Ana-MariaRomania
    Special Award Bogdan Alexandru Andrei DanielRomania
    Special Award Focsa Noemi - AlexandraRomania
    Special Award Deiana DavidRomânia
    Special Award Adrian-Mihai PopescRomania
    Special Award Roxana Maria RăulescuRomania
    Special Award Marijus MustaRomania
    Special Award Bottner-Silviu-IoanRomania
    Special Award Puscas Adina DianaRomania
    IOAF International Kids Art Exhibition
    PrizeFull NameCountry
    Gold AwardAlara ÖzdemirTurkey
    Silver AwardPetra SZUCSRomania
    Silver AwardRonnie GeU.S.A.
    Silver AwardStellarU.S.A.
    Silver AwardĐinh Hoàng Trường GiangVietnam
    Silver AwardĐinh Nguyễn Hà AnhVietnam
    Silver AwardĐào Anh KhuêVietnam
    Silver AwardZhu qingyanChina
    Silver AwardJirat  JaihanThailand
    Bronze AwardBoo JaYeong South Korea
    Bronze AwardDavid VlaisanRomania
    Bronze AwardEthan GaoU.S.A.
    Bronze AwardFlora Beier LiU.S.A.
    Bronze AwardHu YiningChina
    Bronze AwardMelis Naz Hakalmaz Turkey
    Bronze AwardNguyễn Liên NhiVietnam
    Bronze AwardVivian ZhangU.S.A.
    Bronze Awardxiang zheng China
    Bronze Awardİpek Kazan Turkey
    Bronze AwardZhang yiyiChina
    Bronze AwardPhakwalan  ChaisuriyadechaThailand
    Special Award AudreyU.S.A.
    Special Award Boo SeoJunSouth Korea
    Special Award Eric FangU.S.A.
    Special Award Ethan GaoU.S.A.
    Special Award Kim Ngọc HânVietnam
    Special Award Ku Jeong-HyeonSouth Korea
    Special Award Mai Quỳnh Bảo ChâuVietnam
    Special Award Ning XinningChina
    Special Award Sabih ÇağlayanTurkey
    Special Award Sofia SirbuRomania
    Special Award Sophia TrefilovU.S.A.
    Special Award Tiana ChiU.S.A.
    Special Award Võ Trúc AnhVietnam
    Special Award Zhang ChenghaoChina
    Special Award Gu RuiYuChina
    Special Award Wang lingyuChina
    Special Award Ding ChenghaoChina
    Special Award Nannapat  KlamthungThailand
    Special Award Monpaporn  TitaananThailand
    Merit AwardAlara ÖzdemirTurkey
    Merit AwardAlara ÖZDEMİR Turkey
    Merit AwardAustinZhangU.S.A.
    Merit AwardBurnettGenevieveU.S.A.
    Merit AwardCho Yu -YeonSouth Korea
    Merit AwardDefne Zeynep GözenerTurkey
    Merit AwardEmily ChenU.S.A.
    Merit AwardFiona_TrefilovU.S.A.
    Merit AwardLê Khánh VyVietnam
    Merit AwardRuthie ZhongU.S.A.
    Merit AwardRuxandra Maria HaragaRomania
    Merit AwardRyker WangU.S.A.
    Merit AwardSophia Sun-KleinbergerU.S.A.
    Merit AwardStefoni Simina-MariaRomania
    Merit AwardStefoni Simina-MariaRomana
    Merit AwardTERESA WONGAustralia
    Merit AwardTrần Nguyễn Châu AnhVietnam
    Merit AwardVũ Tuệ LâmVietnam
    Merit AwardQin LangChina
    Merit Awardİpek KazanTurkey
    Merit AwardCao HaoTengChina
    Merit AwardMiao ZiJunChina
    Merit AwardGu XiYuChina
    Merit AwardWang YanYun China