• IOAF2018 Theme: Life / Ocean / Human

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    Review AsianACS - IOAF2018

    The First International Ocean Art Festival (IOAF) was grandly held in the Korea culture and art Agency.


    The First IOAF sponsored by Asian ACS is a grand art and culture occasion with Asia as the center and radiating towards teachers, students, artists and art enthusiasts from different places in the world. The internationally renowned art curators, Hu Jijun (China) and Julian Moise (Australia), jointly organized this exhibition. This exhibition demonstrated 89 pieces of artworks by artists and designers from 25 countries and 388 pieces of artworks by teenagers and children all over the world as an effort to explore the theme of “Life, Ocean and Human.”

    As an ocean cultural and art brand project with international fame and influence, the IOAF aims at arousing humans’ awareness of ocean protection, promoting communication and integration of the global cultures and arts, and strengthening international exchange and cooperation of ocean-related industries.

    At 18:00 of October 11, the Ko HeeBum (Jeju Special Self-Govering Provincial - Mayor of Jeju City ), Kang SeongEuy ( Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Council Committee of Environment - Council Member), HaengBok (Jeju Special Self-Govering Provincial, Culture & Arts Center, President Hyon), international curator Hu Jijun, Asian ACS delegation, and professors of Cheju Halla University attended the opening ceremony. Relevant enterprises, art groups and design groups in Cheju also sent their congratulations.

    The IOAF 2018 not only gained vigorous support from relevant government departments, but also drew wide attention for art circles, cultural circles, educational circles and industrial circles. Citizens knew this event through radio, TV, or other digital media. They flooded into the exhibition site to experience arts and cultures from different countries. Mainstream media, including Halla Daily, Cheju News, Jizhou TV Station, NetEase News, and so on gave a series of reports throughout this grand event.

    The IOAF 2019 will further expand its scale and attract more participants to jointly discuss “life,” “ocean” and “human” in the form of art. Artists and designers are welcomed to be a part of the exhibition. We also welcome more exchange and cooperation.

    Thanks to the support of artists and friends, this IOAF2018 will have 104 works on display.

    After the opening of the exhibition, we will send you Email in Mid-November, 2018:

    1. Photoraphs of works
    2. Exhibitors' certificates (digitalization)
    3. AsianACS membership card (digitalization)

    IOAF will continue to improve and develop with your support.

    Thank you again for your trust, support, advice and help for the exhibition.



    IOAF Operations Committee

    Asian Federation of Arts Culture and Sciences

    Yuejing Culture Development Company Limited


    Support Units:

    Dreamatic Design / kidp제주디자인기업협회 / 브랜드앤디자인 / 다담출판 / QT Consulting / T.J Design / The Jin Studio


    International co-curator:

    Hu Jijun(China) / Julian Moise(Austria)/ Bu Yunja (South Korea)



    The works and information that ASC collected will be used for the art festivals only and will not be disclosed to any third parties or used for other commercial purposes.

    People who are interested in purchasing any of the work, the committee will contact the author to confirm.


    You have carefully read the above special instructions; agree to respect the culture of various countries; agree to the display of works; agree that information and works can be used as an activity propaganda display and publication; agree to personal information collection; commitment to academic correctness and commitment to originality.


    ● Exhibition Display Time:2018.10.11-10.14

    ● Exhibition Opening : 2018.10.11

    ● Location: Culture and Arts Promotion Agency (Culture and Arts Center), Jeju, Korea / 제주특별자치도 문화예술진흥원(문예회관)


    Participating universities:(In no particular order)

    Australia - The University of Adelaide

    Australia - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

    Austria - Academy Of Visual Art Vienna

    Austria - University of Applied Art Vienna

    France - Saint-Etienne Higher School of Art and Design

    Italy - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

    Japan - Musashino Art University

    South Korea - Dongseo university

    South Korea - Hongik university

    U.K - brunel university london

    U.K - Portsmouth University

    China - Tsinghua University

    China - Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts

    China - China Academy of Art

    China - Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

    China - Nanjing University of the Arts

    China -Shandong University Of Arts

    China - Jiangnan University

    China - China University of Mining and Technology

    China - Shanghai University of Engineering Science

    China - Shanghai Normal University

    China - Changzhou University Huaide College

    China - Guangxi Normal University

    China - Intermark Design Collage

    China - Jianghan University

    China - Yuncheng University

    Iran - University College of Nabi Akram Tabriz

    Iran - university of Tehran

    Iran - University of Neyshabur

    Iran - Tarbiat Modares University

    Romania - West University of Timisoar

    Romania - Faculty of Fine Art and Design


    Exhibiting artists/designers:(Alphabetical order)

    Australia. Chenfangfei Guo.

    Australia. Lei Lu. Do Not Litter.

    Australia. Sha Huang. The Whale.

    Australia. Siqi Li. Shell.

    Australia. Ty Sheers. Cosmic Surfers.

    Australia. Xiuqin Zhang. Animals.

    Austria. Andreas Roseneder. Deux Copines.

    Austria. Barbara Klampfl. Future.

    Austria. Julian Moise. The Shopping Angel.

    Austria. Michael Bachhofer. Fuji-san looks at more than 30 million.

    Austria. Natascha Auenhammer. The Clown.

    Austria. Robert Rutoed. Right Time Right Place.

    Austria. Romana Egartner. Reflections of the iceberg II.

    Canada. Bianca Nadeau. Peggy's Cove.

    Chian. Gu Chenxuan & He yuchenxuan. Fitrash.

    China Taiwan. Lu Jiansyun.

    China. Chen Man. Water.

    China. Feng zheshi. Ideal city.

    China. Gang Chunming. Origin.

    China. Huang Jun. Interactive.

    China. Huang Yingxi. Kathy.

    China. Hujijun. Camouflage and Adapt.

    China. Jiajia Zhao. Disappearing.

    China. Jiayuan Su. Humanbeing.

    China. Jiazheng Lu. Oceans and pandas should stay forever.

    China. Jin Yijun. Desertification.

    China. Jingmei Zhang. Multi-generation Kitchen.

    China. John YU. Warming.

    China. Joy Qingru Wu. Water.

    China. Kimi Tang. surf the internet.

    China. Lu Lei. Do Not Litter.

    China. Nijun. Balance.

    China. Rao Zhengshan. Ocean Life Human being.

    China. Sun Yucheng.

    China. Wang shang. Old news-During the Cultural Revolution(1966-1976).

    China. Wang Wei Li. Transparent ocean.

    China. Weikun. Save The Ocean.

    China. Wenxin Liu(Len). Geometoy.

    China. Wu Yasheng. Life among water.

    China. Xianyan. Mission.

    China. Xuebingyan. To the east ,To the sea, To the future.

    China. Yangyong. H20.

    China. Yingya Guo. BONDAG1E.

    China. Zhenyu li. Preserve the ocean.

    China. Sun Yucheng. Bay Night.

    Finland. Anni Paananen. Ilmatar.

    France. Aline Robin. VS P. GUERIN.

    France. Graphikstreet. ALICE.

    Indian. Zulfikhar Shaikh. Ocean.

    Iran. Elham Khodabandeh. Humans and Beautiful world.

    Iran. Lida Tohidi. Life you need.

    Iran. Mina Nasliyani. Destruction of Nature.

    Iran. Rman Saboori. Surfing

    Italy. Angelo Zzaven. L’Irrimediabile andare.

    Italy. Giovanni Dipilato. Design is Blind.

    Italy. Iaia Gagliani. 2880.

    Italy. Ivan Kap. Psychotherapy.

    Italy. Nicole Giavaldi. Cora Boat.

    Mexico. Ektor Coughanor. Pachuco.

    Netherlands. AK76. Fractal of the matrix.

    Norwegian. Daria Endresen. Stegastein.

    Poland. Mateusz Kula. Fritz Kocher series.

    Romania. Alexandru Bunii. cafe racer.

    Romania. camil mihaescu. Wine dark sea.

    Romania. Diana Andreescu. Ballet.

    Romania. Eugenia-Elena Riemschneider. The storm.

    Romania. Florin Ianas. Life ongoing.

    Romania. Giumanca Ileana-Marinela. Oil hands.

    Romania. Isabella Becheanu. Feel me so.

    Romania. Leasă Ana-Maria. Elegance in simplicity.

    Romania. Livia Maria Tomescu. Swarowsky Ring.

    Romania. Marius Musta. Car design for new electric Volkswagen T2.

    Romania. Stelian Acea. darina.

    Romania. Szucs Eniko. Passions.

    Romania. Valentina Stefanescu. About Me - Breathing.

    Romania. Virgil Babuscov. Clean air to breathe.

    Romania. Nani Corina. Human Body Light.

    Slovakia. Mária Hanušovská. Nezabúdaj, si jedine n !.

    South Korea. HyerinPark. KOREA Folk Tale Reinterpretation Design.

    South Korea. Seol Jinll

    South Korea. Jang Sae Hoon

    South Korea. Cho Yoon Shin

    South Korea. Kim Su Jin

    Spain. Gabopatapalo. Animal lunar.

    U.K. Nicolas Strappini. Electric Anemone.

    Ukraine. Olena Vertsanova. Sunset.

    USA. Brenda Stumpf. Blue Sea Fan.

    USA. Ron Romero. Environmental.

    Uzbekistan. Gulorom Bakirova. Sea

    * South Korea culture and Art Troupe(21 people)


    2018 Jeju Island, South Korea

    Australia / Austria / Canada / China / Finland / France / India / Indonesia / Iran / Italy / Japan / Mexico / Netherlands / Norwegian / Poland / Romania / Slovakia / South Korea / Spain / Turkey / U.K. / Ukraine / U.S.A / Uzbekistan / Vietnam