• IOAF2019 International Ocean Arts Festival

    Thanks to the support of the artists. The PDF of the certificate and portfolio will be distributed to everyone at the end of November.

    Thank you for your help and waiting.


    Theme: Life - Ocean - Mother


    ● Exhibition Display Time:2019.7.27-7.29

    ● Location: 돌문화공원-오백장 장군 갤러리 (한국 제주시 조천읍 남조로 2023 교래자연휴양림)

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    2019 International Ocean Art Festival - IOAF2019

    Exhibition - Jejui, South Korea

    • IOAF 2019 - International Ocean Art Festival - it is now coming to the second edition. IOAF is an international cultural and arts event organized by the AsianACS - Asian Federation of Art, Culture and Science.


    Exhibition - Shanghai, China

    • LUXE PACK SHANGHAI is the only show……

    • that attendees choose for their packaging developments.
    • that decision makers attend.
    • that gives you access to new prospects from a wide range of markets.

    2019 Busan Annual Market of Art

    Exhibition - Busan, South Korea

    • 미술에 대한 이해 증진 및 미술의 대중화에 힘쓰고 지역 미술을 국내외 시장에 소개하여 지역 미술문화 발전에 이바지해 왔습니다. 1980년 설립된 이후 사회적 사명감을 가지고 미술시장의 유통질서를 확립하며 건강한 미술 생태계를 육성하고자 노력하고 있습니다.

    2019 Design Tokyo

    Exhibition - Tokyo, Japan

    • DESIGN TOKYO is Japan’s leading trade fair for “marketable” design products. Only the products which passed a screening by a committee will be showcased. DESIGN TOKYO provides the opportunity to enter the design conscious market, Japan.

    2019 Turkish Treasure

    Exhibition - Tokyo, Japan
      • アジアとヨーロッパにまたがる交易の要地・トルコは、多様な文化を受容・融合し、比類ない美を育んできました。本展では、イスタンブルのトプカプ宮殿博物館が所蔵する貴重な宝飾品、美術工芸品をとおして、花々、とりわけチューリップを愛でた宮殿の生活、オスマン帝国の美意識や文化、芸術観を紹介します。

      2018 International Ocean Art Festival - IOAF2018

      Exhibition - Jejui, South Korea

      • The IOAF2018 sponsored by Asian ACS is a grand art and culture occasion with Asia as the center and radiating towards teachers, students, artists and art enthusiasts from different places in the world. The internationally renowned art curators, Hu Jijun (China) and Julian Moise (Australia), jointly organized this exhibition.


      Exhibition - Shanghai, China

      • Design Star Award born for art and design, which is the most entertaining design platform to discover, cultivate and grow great artists and designers with the most promotional strategy collaborating with well established media force, aim to reach the maxinum economic value for each product.

      2018 Shanghai Biennale

      Exhibition - shanghai, China

      • Among the many language discoveries that emerged from E. E. Cummings’ experiment in poetry, is a word made of the condensation of progress and regress: Proregress[1]. Introduced in the XIXth section of W ViVa (1931), this term may illuminate much about the contemporary conditions of history and time.

      2018 Busan Biennale

      Exhibition - Busan, South Korea

      • The theme of this biennial is that of divided territories as it is reflected in artists’ work from around the world. Torn apart are not only territories— nations, or formerly ethnically connected regions, usually by war, colonization and/or hostile estrangement—but also, importantly, psyches.

      2018 A 40 years Journey of book design by Lu Jingren

      Exhibition - shanghai, China

      • 改革開放40年,呂敬人:用作品诠釋當代中國書籍設計史。本次展覽將展出230種1000多冊設計精美的圖,各種創新書籍設計美不勝收,許多圖書已成為“國寶級”設計經典,難得一見,品味電子信息時代傳統書藉“五感”承遞給讀者紙質閱讀的獨特魅力。
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